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Wiltse's Brew & Family Restaurant



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    Michael Ochampaugh img 5

    My wife and I just picked the closest restaurant from where we were and ended up here. We walk in and the first thing we notice is the decor. It's very nice and interesting, also from where we were seated we could both watch the baseball game and converse. Our waiter was excellent, I didn't catch his name, but he was on spot and very accommodating. The food was excellent, I usually judge a restaurant by how good the ruben sandwich is, the best I've had in the United States, outside of Ireland. I highly recommend this establishment. 10 Stars

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    cynthia gruden img 3

    Don't know what happened but the pulled pork was very mushy and extremely salty, as if someone forgot and salted the pork twice, usually much better, trying to doctor up with sauces didn't change anything. Normally they are really good. The mac'n'ches was very good

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    Ali Doucet img 5

    First time here and we will definitely come back when we're in the area again!! The food was amazing, the staff was super friendly and even the kitchen manager came out to make sure everything was good. The only downfall (and I can't even be too upset) was we were seated in the corner and didn't have much room between the table and the wall. I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich with their purple slaw and root beer bbq sauce!!!

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    Jeff pukall img 1

    A one star rating is very generous. Horrible food, horrible service. Wasting my time leaving reviews is something I dont do, but if I can save one family from wasting their hard earned money here, it's worth it. They were out of white bread! I could give you 13 other complaints, but that one sums everything up. Save your money, time, and taste buds and go elsewhere!

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    Richard Elliott img 4

    Food is always great and the craft beer is worth getting. But if you like Rootbeer this is one of the best Homebrewed Rootbeer I have ever had. 4 Stars because the service was adequate but nothing special.